Interior Detail Geelong

Pinnacle hand car wash offers best quality interior detailing services that you were actually looking for. We use a purpose made microfiber cloth as well as custom gentle fluid to perfectly clean your interior dash, door surfaces and console without damaging them.

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The fluid leaves those surfaces glowing and clean. We pay kind attention to nooks & crannies which harbour crumbs & dust that aren’t leaned to in a standard car washing and detailing service.


Interior Detail Geelong


Our Expert Services Includes the following:
  • high pressure spray
  • wheels cleaned
  • detergent exterior wash
  • high pressure rinse
  • vacuum seats
  • chamois dry
  • vacuum carpets
  • interior door panels cleaned
  • seats and carpets shampooed
  • dashboard and console detailed & rejuvenated
  • boot vacuumed
  • windows cleaned
  • ash trays cleanedCar Interior Clean
  • interior deodorised
  • mats detailed
  • door rubbers treated
  • door jambs cleaned
  • roof lining spot cleaned

How Car Detailing is Favorable You?

Saves money

Habitual car detailing helps you to save money in different ways in the end. One of that ways is, with the lifetime being increased, possibilities of repairing the car sometimes are minimized and hence costs are saved. Second, a lesser amount of gas is used because the engine runs efficiently and smoothly. Third, headlight restoration perks up the intensity of lights that improves the performance of the car. And finally, the maintenance costs are reduced.


Driving a sparkly car is much satisfying than driving an uncleaned one. A spotless car reflects your personality. It shows that you are concerned about your car, and it additionally makes you feel confident and proud while on the road. Moreover, if you use your vehicle is for business purposes, it will show that you are a neat and clean person.

Reduces the cases of accidents

Car detailing services ensures that all the dirt and haze are taken out to avoid obscuring the driver’s view. Therefore, the possibilities of causing an accident are decreased to a big extent.

Provides a healthy ride

Many dust particles can get in the ventilation or carpet of a car. With the car detailing, your car remains neat and clean without allergies. Apart from that, a detailed car wash guarantees that long term effects of environmental contact are reduced, and cases of unwell health are reduced.

If you are in the search for car detailing services, Pinnacle hand car wash is one of the best car detailing company. They have diverse packages providing different detailing services at a very budget-friendly prices. For more detail contact us now.

*All services and prices vary by location and vehicle condition. Quote provided prior to services. Call for more details or to schedule an appointment.